Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My new boyfriend!

This is my dog here. I rescued him from just one of the average Salvo abusers of dogs. I wish I could save every dog, but alas its just me and Ta-lo (tay-low). I did not give him the name but he responds well. We keep each other company.

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  1. So mcmills, your boyfriend is a real doggy....

    I read all of your comments. You're doing well. Sometimes I think the Peace corps is not so much about the first world's creating sustainable projects in the third, but what we firstworlders can learn and sustain after the experience.

    The poor, uneducated, non-swimming, no sense of time people have a lot to teach. It's terribly arrogant of me to say this to you while you are doing brave and difficult things in your remesa community. But I bet that your greatest accomplishment will be not what you leave behind but what you take
    with you.

    I have learned much from your posts. You made me thirsty for a salvadoran coca cola....

    Cuidate mucho

    un abrazo