Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh home!

So I have been here for a little over 3 months now and so far I have been good, relatively. I mean I haven't gotten terribly ill, nor has anything bad happened to me. But I feel like time is here is getting to a point, where the honeymoon phase is wearing off, and I am like, I moved here, willingly?! I moved to a place that is ungodly hot, where everyone plays their music at uncomfortably loud level, and where there is a lack of the concept for time for anyone and anything. So with my levels of frustrations rising and not seeing a free weekend with gringos in sight, I have decided to make a list of things I like so far about this place to overshadow what might not be so peachy about living here in El Salvador.

-The majority of Salvadorans that I have met have an overwhelming level of generosity without even knowing me.
-The fact that anytime I visit anyone, they will find a chair for me to sit in. (BTW, you are obliged to sit in the chair, in case not to offend)
-I have RELATIVELY good transport, and get anywhere in a day if I wanted
-Coca-cola in glass bottles with REAL sugar
-Riding in the back of a pick up, anywhere
-Eating fruit here in all stages of riping, not like in the states where you wait till its sweet and ripe. They have 4 levels of riping here.
-Almost anywhere here you can see the stars
-I can lay in a hammock all day and its justified
-The lack of urgency for anything
-bucket baths!
-Pupusas, if you havent tried the cheesy goodness, you should!They only cost a cora! Thats quarter to us.
-Curtido, it's like a cabbage vinegar slaw that accompanies the pupusa. Cant eat a pupusa without curtido now!

Ok that is all for now, but just making that list made me feel better being here. I dont want to say that I am homesick, I am just adjusting to life here. It's a very different world down here.

In other news, I have to hold a town hall type meeting in front of my whole community and to think of being in front of emotionless faces, scares me!